Think about how you use your kitchen.  The best option is a combination of beauty and practicality. 

Natural stone worktops

For looks and uniqueness, natural stone is hard to beat. Once you find a stunning piece, let it be the center stage of your kitchen.

Marble countertop

Granite, the top choice in countertops, is available in a variety of shades such as blacks, whites, greens, corals and beiges, and no two pieces are exactly the same. Granite is available in two finishes. A polished finish results in a shiny look and often darkens the appearance of the stone, while honing is soft and matte.

Other natural stone materials, like marble, limestone and soapstone, are softer than granite and require delicate use and greater care. All stone countertops must be sealed periodically.

Stainless steel has an industrial, professional kitchen vibe with patinated evidence of use building up over time. Similarly polished concrete, while tough, it needs to be carefully looked after, although wear and tear adds to its character.

Engineered stone countertops come in a larger variety of colors than natural stone countertops, are more durable and are a easier to maintain.

Good design is obvious. Great design is transparent.